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Deposit & Full Payment
Bookings become valid as soon as the deposit payment is received. Until then, they are considered provisional and we may need to change the date and time of the assessment. A deposit is required to protect against costs iHealth would incur in case of a short notice cancellation. The full payment is due on the assessment day and can be settled by debit or credit card. An extra charge may apply for credit card payments. Invoicing may be available for corporate payors. Payments are typically due within 14 days of invoicing. Penalties and interest charges can be applied for late payments.

Rescheduling can imply significant effort for us due to the personalised nature of the assessments. You may incur rebooking charges if you rebook within 5 days of the assessment or if you rebook more than once irrespective of how long before the assessment.

Rescheduling and Cancellation by iHealth
Occasionally we may need to reschedule your appointment since it can involve various clinicians and many different components. If you are not satisfied with the rescheduling options, you can receive your deposit back.

Medical - Blood taking
We recommend you have your bloods taken either at your office or at 55, Wimpole Street. You can also stop by one of the screening facilities if it is convenient for you (by prior arrangement). Please be sure to be fasted for 12 hours before you have your bloods taken. Still water is ok up to two hours before the blood taking. You can also have your bloods taken on your assessment day, but we cannot always guarantee the results will reach us before the end of your assessment day, in which case they will be reviewed by the clinician who assessed you and taken into account for your report.

Medical - Imaging Program
Any imaging program components of a booked package is always indicative and gets clinical signoff on the day in the light of a clinical review of all aspects of your medical history, current condition and risk factors. The packages outlined however are ones that typically make sense if you are in the appropriate age bracket, so we do not expect frequent variation, yet we cannot guarantee clinical sign-off for any specific investigation (especially those involving radiation) in any individual case.

Medical - Risks
Few medical procedures are 100% risk-free. For example, mammography and CT scanning involve radiation from x-rays. The risks will be weighed against the benefits during your imaging programme signoff and we aim to inform you fully so you can give an informed consent. Another risk is a false positive result or the detection of an abnormality that needs clarifying, which may cause distress and the need to make difficult decisions. Example: Calcium scoring involves ca. 1-2 mSv of radiation, as a benchmark, UK background radiation varies by over 6 mSv per annum by region. MRI & ultrasound investigations are radiation-free.

Medical - Symptoms Post Assessment
No set of tests can guarantee to detect all diseases or abnormalities (false negatives) or protect against them. So if you develop any new symptoms after your health check or have persistent or worsening previous symptoms, or you have any concerns at all about your health check, you should contact your own doctor at once. Of course, never hesitate to call us with any concerns.

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time but will always honor the bespoke quote we have provided you with before confirming your booking.

Data Confidentiality
The confidentiality of your information is of paramount concern to us. To this end, we fully comply with Data Protection Legislation and medical confidentiality guidelines. You agree to iHealth storing a copy of your medical information to be able to support future potential assessment needs.

Report Timeline
We aim to provide your report with all your results for you as soon as possible, it may take up to 4 weeks and occasionally longer depending on how many clinicians were involved since the whole clinical team signs off the integrated report and we aim to clarify all issues for you.

The medical services you receive are provided by the clinician and facility who see you on your assessment day. iHealth acts as a promoter and broker for these services rather than as a clinical provider.

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or telephone at any time.