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Five diseases cause more than two-thirds of all deaths in the UK annually – heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (bronchitis, emphysema) and diabetes. Even the first symptoms can often be dangerous and conditions can go undetected for a long time, for example:

> 30% don't survive their first heart attack
> 15%-30% remain permanently diabled after a stroke
> 93% die of lung cancer within 5 years
> 500,000 to 1 million people in the UK have diabetes but are unaware of it

Prevention is powerful

Most healthcare systems of today are effectively sick care systems where meaningful care often only begins once an individual is symptomatic, often with conditions that could have been prevented. Prevention can help identify risk factors and pick up abnormalities early, leading to enhanced outcomes. For all key killer diseases, preventive diagnostics can help with early identification and risk assessment.

Only tailored use of technology ensures
optimal preventive care

Individual family history, clinical history, current symptoms and health indictators define a unique risk profile. A senior clinician is therefore going to do an extensive exam and guide your process taking the full picture into account. That's why all our assessments get tailored and it is important to have the full range of diagnostics available.