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'The iHealth service is a cut above the production-line approach offered by rival health screening providers. The iHealth service takes longer, typically four to six hours, and is far more personalised, including hour-long sessions with a GP.'

'... the quality of the diagnostics, with the exception of the hearing test, was second-to-none.'

'The value lies in the quality of the diagnostics and the ability to investigate anomalies immediately, without continual trips to a hospital for follow-up tests. Learning how to fight jetlag is a welcome bonus.'

Jon Ashworth


'I learned a lot from my medical examination, perhaps a little bit too much, but it was comforting to find that most of my health fears covering a whole array of things (loss of memory, impending deafness, prostate cancer, heart attacks) were without foundation.'

Richard Donkin

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'An impressive range of specialists working together.'

'An old shoulder injury I had had, for example, was diagnosed and exercises for helping it prescribed, all in less than an hour. There was an excellent physiotherapist, an MRI scanning team he instructed on what to look for, and a shoulder surgeon on hand to help interpret the results.'

'Of most interest to me, however, was the ultra-fast CAT scanner that would spot any plaque that might be accumulating in myarteries.'

David Bodanis


'Modern facility (that) feels part office, part hotel/spa.'

'At the completion of the tests I returned to my room, where I met a consultant oncologist. He pulled my results up on the flat screen mounted on the wall and went through the scans. As a new facility, this ability for test results to be shown immediately, along with all the other previously collated results, enables the specialist to call up and cross-reference facts.'

Julian Gregory


'Other senior executives could find themselves in a similar position if research from iHealth, a UK-based executive health-care company, is anything to go by. When the firm studied the results of clients' recent medical checks, it found that 60% of the senior executives it screened had high levels of cholesterol; 50% were overweight; 40% didn't get enough exercise; 30% had high blood pressure; and 20% had abnormal liver functions due to excess alcohol.'

Eila Rana
'Investing in health screening is good for business'

Kate Donovan
iHealth provided the bespoke testing for the BBC 3 series 'Make My Body Younger', educating young people with high-risk behaviors about the damaging effects and taking them through a journey towards better health.